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Eternal Empire
World: Windfola
Vocation: Armourer
Class: Guardian
Race: Human
Region: Rohan
Sex: Male


Physical Description: A tall and broad shouldered human male. Adenosin, born 31 years ago, has aged beyond his years. The many battles have taken it's toll on his body. His clear mind and steady hands give him strength for battle. Bald and scarred, he hides behind his mask, not worrying if his name is known by others. But he is always on the ready, always willing to confront his enemies. Adenosin strives to bring glory and honor to Eternal Empire

Personality Description: Some might say Adenosin tries to find new ways to join his father but he has two goals in life. The first is to protect others with honor and courage. The second is to put his kinmates above all else. He takes pride in knowing that he is willing to be the first in and last out. If ever in trouble, his kinmates may summon him with a small tune on an acorn whistle, and he will be by their side without hesitation till the end.


Adenosin is the proud son of Rao of Forsaken. With Forsaken gone and the death of his father, Adenosin struggled to find his way in Middle Earth. He roamed the lands of Rohan in search of a home. In his adventures, Adenosin meet his mentor, Swampy, and a strange little hobbit Petulant. Swampy offered him a new home, a place to belong. Now a proud member of Eternal Empire, he has sworn his life to his King and Queen. Adenosin would proudly lay down his life for any member of his new family. Adenosin lives by the motto: Empêchez l'inévitable (Prevent the inevitable)

Friends and Enemies


All of Eternal Empire


All who stand before Eternal Empire


When he is not roaming Middle Earth with Swampy or mocking Petulant,one can find him running solo in places he should not dare to go alone. One might say he is finding new ways to add to his repair tab.