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I get in frenzies on a certain topic, and then move on to another one, and another, but I do eventually get back to the original one! Sometimes I just work on it for so many hours in a row that I need a break.

Sandbox 2: Necklace Icons

Sandbox 3: Crafting Stuff

Learning about Transclusion

An explanation of how to choose the categories for your page


  • Female
  • Born 1979
  • Playing LOTRO since closed beta
  • Found on [LOTRO forums] as Miz_Sparrow
  • Previously played [SWG] (from release until NGE) - Characters Radiant.Adelas and Radiant.Linz
  • Also have characters in [Guild Wars], notably Della Kenobi and Miz Sparrow

Adelas is pronounced similar to "athelas" - add-a-lass or addle-us... but NOT a-dell-us. However, just to complicate things, it can be (and usually is) shortened to Della. Feel free to call me Della.

LOTRO Characters


Adelas, Human Minstrel Tinker, Elendilmir

Also created the character Adelas on all servers except Brandywine and ?Vilya?


Ainalorn, Elf Hunter Yeoman, Elendilmir

Gathmir, Dwarf Champion Explorer, Elendilmir

All Elendilmir characters are members of Mithril Crowns

A Personal Message from Adelas

Although I browsed the instructions on Wikipedia about 12 months ago, I never actually created or edited any articles there. The edits I have made here are my first, so please excuse my clumsiness!

Two of my strong points are spelling and grammar, so I enjoy the chance to clean up articles. Unfortunately, I like browsing them so much, and following link-trails, that I often get too distacted to edit. I am amazed at the amount of work everyone has put into this project.

Update! Feb 2008

I just had a baby! (boy) So you may not see me around too much right at first, but it also may give me some more freedom to get those jeweller item icons and all my other screenshots uploaded.

New babies are harder work than I expected! :)

Update! Sep 2009

I had ANOTHER baby! (a girl this time, so I have a matched set)

Update Mid 2011

So, my kids are old enough to play together, and I'm spending more time in LOTRO again. As that happens, I also hope to start participating more in the wiki again.