Update 22.5 - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Update 22.5 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 22.5, released on Wednesday, August 22nd.

News and Notes:


  • Fixed an issue with the look of character necks while wearing the Anniversary Armor.
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Dwarf in a Barrel housing item.
  • The Peacock Cap and Peacock Bonnet rewards from the 2018 Summer Festival now accept dyes.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Restored some missing water in The Marish.
  • Quest - Herald of the Rohirrim - You may no longer see Fastgyl both alive and dead.


  • The Warden Blue Line specialization bonus now properly affects the healing from the following skills: Ranged Persevere, Ranged Safeguard, Ranged Celebration of Skill, and Ranged Restoration.
  • The Warden Trait Indefatigable now increases healing from Ranged Restoration.
  • The Warden Red Line Bonus +5% Warden Damage of Time now properly affects the damage-over-time effects from Power Attack, Mighty Blow, and Unerring Strike.
  • The Warden Traits Bane of Shadow and Foe of the Darkness now properly affect the following skills' initial attack: Brink of Victory, Desolation, Impressive Flourish, Surety of Death, and War-cry.
  • The Warden skill The Boot now deals proper damage when used from Battle Memory.
  • Damage of Time effects from the following skills now stack when applied by different Wardens: Resounding Challenge (Assailment), Piercing Strike, Precise Blow, and Spear of Virtue.
  • Damage Over Time icons for Offensive Strike, Piercing Strike, Precise Blow, and Spear of Virtue now match their skill icons.


  • Fixed an issue with some facial features not displaying in the character portrait, dressing room, and character select panel.
  • We are re-implementing chat restrictions for global chats, tells, and /say channels to prevent malicious issues and spam. We have made some adjustments that will hopefully prevent musicians from experiencing an issue with these restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue where item links in chat messages would not function if too many items were linked.
  • Fixed a bug where removing ignored players that no longer exist would fail.