Update 18.2.3 - July 27, 2016

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Update 18.2.3 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 18.2.3, released on Wednesday, July 27th.

News and Notes


  • The Stable-master link from the main map page is now hidden when in Session and Monster Play, and for new characters.
  • You can no longer purchase Mithril travel from the Stable-master Collections UI within a private encounter, during Session or Monster play, or during combat.


  • Summer Festival
  • The Great Mathom Fishing Swap is now mutually-exclusive with The Fishing-hole. Only while the mathom fishing timer is actually ticking down will you receive Mathoms or weeds when fishing. This quest now also awards a Summer Festival Token.
  • Fountain emote and Hobbit dance 4 emote granting items now Bind to Account when acquired.


  • The house at 1 Stonemirk Street once again has its housing hooks.
  • The Clover Table housing decoration has regained its correct appearance.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Post-Pelennor Minas Tirith now has mailboxes.
  • Post-Pelennor Houses of healing no longer have a door that sends you back to earlier Minas Tirith.
  • The Defenders of Minas Tirith Quartermaster now offers cosmetic weapons in exchange for Minas Tirith Silver Pieces.


  • Throne of the Dread Terror:
  • Mumakil:
  • Mumakil now drops four groups of Haradrim each instead of five.
  • Mumakil auto-attacks have had their potency increased.
  • Unbroken One:
  • The timer of the Fury of the Unbroken (hard Enrage) has been increased to 900 seconds (15 minutes), up from 720 seconds (12 minutes).
  • The health increase of the three sub-boss Broken has been reduced to x2.5 from x3. Their full-corrupted health is now roughly 12 million, 12 million, and 7.5 million.)
  • The potency of the Ancient Defence aura has been increased as it is a corruption, and is removable.
  • Devouring Darklings have had their health reduced by half.
  • Oozing Darklings have had their health reduced slightly.
  • Black Numenorean Binders will no longer continue to spawn after wiping on the Unbroken One.
  • Nazgul:
  • The incoming damage debuffs on the Nazgul now properly apply to their listed damage types.
  • Gothmog:
  • The Carn Dûm segment of the Breach of Terror has been altered to be smoother and faster.
  • Lorniel now applies a harsh damage over time to Golodir if she reaches him.
  • Challenge:
  • The Returned King now requires you to escape the Breach of Terror in under 20 minutes.


  • The Disable Combat Music option now consistently disables combat music.


  • The Steed of the White City and Battle-worn Steed of the White City now move faster and endure longer; they have their proper 250 Morale and +68% speed.

Known Issues

  • Items on the newly restored housing hooks at 1 Stonemirk Street are temporarily not present and inaccessible. We will correct this issue in a future patch.