The Way Into Mordor

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Deed Lore

Scout the major routes and vantage points of Mordor's antechamber, Udûn.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Discover the Iron Road [40.7S, 0.8W]
This road drives like a rod of iron from the Black Gates on into Gorgoroth, where it splits to encircle Orodruin.
Discover the West Road to Anglach [41.8S, 1.2E]
Many fell weapons and great war-works have winded their way down this road, out of the great forges of Anglach.
Discover the Parade Grounds [42.7S, 2.3E]
Thousands of rough pairs of feet have marched, stood, and camped upon Udûn's broad central basin.
Discover the Road to Mornaur [44.7S, 1.6E]
Atop this steep ascent, countless rough, cruel weapons were wrought to arm the Dark Lord's immeasurable armies.
Discover the West Road to Durthang [44.6S, 2.5E]
Servants bore goods and messages up this way to the fastness of Durthang.
Discover the Durthang Tower-top [47.0S, 3.2E]
The lord of Durthang could survey his domain from this height -- and more.
Discover the Durthang Lookout [45.9S, 1.4E]
Comings and goings along the Iron Road can be viewed with ease from this spot.
Discover the Durthang Eastern Stairs [45.8S, 3.0E]
Being nearer to Barad-dûr, this path to Durthang was used for purposes of state and ceremony.
Discover the path to Rhûd Vorn [43.2S, 8.2E]
The heights above have been used for many purposes over the centuries; most recently to host a contingent of Easterling forces.
Discover the Rhûd Vorn watch point [41.2S, 8.6E]
From here, a wary eye was kept on Anglach and the high bridge leading to it.
Discover the Rogkalûr overlook [41.0S, 7.6E]
For what strange purpose was this platform used?
Disvover the Anglach vantage point [40.4S, 5.6E]
It is no coincidence that directly before Anglach affords the best view of all eastern Udûn.
Discover the Overseer's perch [41.1S, 3.4E]
An overseer may watch over the works below from here and, also, the road.
Discover the Gates of the Isenmouthe [46.8S, 8.0E]
The doors were somehow wrenched asunder in the chaos and struggle that directly followed the fall of Sauron.
Discover the Foundry Deck [42.4S, 4.8E]
Great steam and water works were controlled from this point, which looked down onto the waste reservoirs below.


  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Footman of Mordor
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Conquest of Gorgoroth ( 700 )

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