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The Early Bird Guide

Time Limit:
20 Minutes


  • Creatures in the fields...
    • The Shrews and Foxs in the fields are neutral
    • The Tuskers will warn you before attacking
    • If you agro a Wolf, use Fowl Fleetness-icon.png Fowl Fleetness and run to a safe area and out of combat range, most likely west to Sandson's Farm or East to the starting area.
  • Using Seek The Worm-icon.png Seek The Worm is similiar to using other tracking skills (wood, mine, etc). Click it and your minimap will highlight where the mounds of dirt are in the area
  • You will probably have to search through several mounds to get the four worms
  • Once you get the 4 worms, head back to Sandson's Farm and talk to Billina


Early Bird Map.jpg

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