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Summary The order of crafted weapon recipes should be altered to adhere to ascending crafting XP order.

Detailed justification The current order of the recipes is Basic, Dropped, Vendor and Single-Use, in two divisions (Melee and Ranged). This order does not seem to follow any particular sorting guidelines - it's not alphabetical, it's not ascending or descending by crafting xp, it's just seemingly random.

The change I propose would be to order the listed types of recipes in ascending order of crafting XP. So effectively it would be as follows:

  1. Basic
    These are recipes everyone learns automatically when access is granted to the tier. Each recipe made earns the crafter 6xp.
  2. Vendor
    These are recipes everyone can buy when access is granted to the tier. Each recipe made earns the crafter 8xp.
  3. Dropped
    These are recipes that are only dropped off creatures and cannot be bought (other than at the AH). Each earns 10xp.
  4. Single-Use
    Recipes that are dropped, but are only single-use, earning the crafter 12xp.

To me, this makes more sense as an order not only because of the ascending sorting for the xp but also because the recipes get progressively harder to obtain and more expensive to craft (thus making them worth more xp). This is a logical and reasonable sorting order, and I propose the change be made to ALL the Woodworker recipe indices, at the least - and if it makes sense to others, why not apply it to all recipe indices across the board (though I realize that would be a BIG step)?

Thoughts? -- Praetorian75 09:40, 30 June 2010

If I check the current order, the suggestion is just to swap Vendor and Dropped, this can be fixed easily. For Melee and Ranged being apart, it's because they are apart in the crafting panel. I've started revisit the cook indexes and recipes few weeks ago, and I'll continue these really soon, but then I should revisit all the crafting stuff, so I'll keep that in mind. The Quest item will be first in all cases, no XP for these. Thanks for the suggestion! :) -- Goingbald 16:09, 30 June 2010 (UTC)
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