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Update Needed

Legacies need to be updated with following information. I guess I'll be changing the headings for In-Combat Power Regeneration to include (Legacy) or something similar to branch it away from the ICPR page and likewise for the ICMR. Freon41 (talk)

Melee - Major (795TP)

  • Fist-Spear Gambits Threat
  • Shield Gambit Buffs Duration
  • Spear Gambit Damage
  • Spear Gambit Parry Rating
  • Recklessness Attack Duration
  • Gambit Lifetap Damage
  • Wages of Fear Positional Damage
  • Power: Fist-Spear Gambit Line

Melee - Minor (795TP)

  • Javelin Skills Max Range
  • Shield Tactics: Mitagation Bonus
  • Critical Strike Critical Multiplier
  • Power: Shield-Spear Gambit Line
  • Ambush Critical Multiplier
  • Surety of Death Damage over Time
  • Resolution Damage
  • Boar's Rush Critical Rating
  • Hampering Javelin Duration

Javelin - Major (795TP)

  • In-Combat Power Regeneration
  • Heal Bonus for Conviction
  • Warden Heal Bonus
  • Fist Gambit Buff Duration
  • In-Combat Morale Regeneration
  • Spear-Shield Damage Bonus
  • Fist Gambit Evade Bonus
  • Fist Gambit Critical Rating
  • Power: Spear-Shield Power Reduction

Javelin - Minor (795TP)

  • Ambush and Careful Step Induction
  • Shield Mastery Block Rating
  • Defiant Challenge Cooldown Duration
  • Careful Step Duration
  • Reduced To-Hit Movement Penalty
  • Adroit Maneuver Duration
  • Resolution Resist Rating
  • Shield Piercer Duration
  • Forced March Movement Bonus

Stat Legacy Replacement (195TP)

  • Agility
  • Fate
  • Might
  • Vitality
  • Will


Thanks for compiling this list. When I identify new LIs I'm also seeing a major legacy on a Warden's sword called "Shield-Spear Gambit Threat Down." Does any warden player know if it's are the same as any of the other Main-hand major legacies listed, or is it a different one? I've been taking screenshots since I'm not quite sure what to do with the data. -- Elinnea (talk) 14:48, 13 July 2012 (EDT)