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Updated - Yuletide 2011

Finally if was possible to stitch together all pieces for the giant Thorin's Hall, with all of its interiors, whereof several are split in either vertical levels or logical smaller sub-sections. I have strived after two goals: 1) locality that reflects names read in-game which form smaller and comprehensible units (interiors), and 2) information should be easy to find. The latter posed a problem for class trainers and armour- and weapon-vendors because they are spread over several interiors --- hence the three tables mapping function to location/interior.

Probably it is quite some time since vendors had an overhaul, hopefully somebody loves doing items and can update them properly. Then, please update the tables at the front page with levels, if that fills a real function?

Another problem is all these seasonal NPCs and that some are moved every now and then 8-) Hopefully the current pages are decently OK and we'll help out over time. Finally, the interiors that require reputation standings are not complete and open for grabs.

Enjoy / Zimoon (talk) 14:42, 26 December 2011 (EST)