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Developer comments: Stories of development through this game

18 June 2015 [1]
Originally posted by Arbor:
"The Original Quest Line for The Four Riders(Rohan) which was chopped."
As far as I can recall, The Riders Four was a marketing questline that Berephon developed. I tested both arcs (the fully developed East Rohan section and the half developed West Rohan section) and it was intended to have a complete ending but unfortunately Berephon left the company before that happened and there wasn't enough time to finish it off. There was supposed to be a couple of instances in the latter half, including the death of Leofdag, but it wasn't to be. Luckily, you can see them at the end phase of Helm's Deep and Pinion added a little color text so there's a little bit of closure.


Originally posted by Arbor:
"Can you elaborate a little more on the parts of the story that we missed?"
I wish I could tell you but the instances were never implemented. I just knew Leofdag was supposed to die and what you see in Helm's Deep is the intended end result but unless another developer knows more, I can't say what specifically happens in each instance. I thought there was a document floating around that details the arc but there isn't.