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So... I'm afk by the Boar Fountain near Bree town hall, updating the wiki with entries from my Deed log and Titles list. When I switch back to LOTRO, I have new mail, so I stroll over to the Pony and see that I have a message from The Fasion Maven. I wish I had been more patient about taking screen shots of the quest item, email text, etc. But I was excited to finally be eligible for "The Fasionable" title and I fogot to gather that data for later wikification while running off to turn in the quest. Sorry. But for reference, I was wearing my Gold n' Green light armor set from Annuminas (cosmetically), with the Cloak of the Cluck. Everyone else I know who has gotten a Fashion Maven scroll has been somewhere in Bree-town, so it's likely that whatever GM gives this reward hangs out in town (usually west gate or outside the PP). It is interesting to note that the quest is listed as a Festival Quest, and that the Harvest festival was going on when I got mine. There is also an "Unfashionable" title that also apparently lets the player get a cosmetic clothing item when they turn in the quest. MysterX 16:02, 8 October 2008 (PDT)