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From Book 10 Developer's Corner: [09-Aug-2007]
Update #3 - The Meaning of Keeps

One of the questions we've been seeing more often is: What purpose is there to holding the keeps? In our third major update, we hope to answer that question by creating an area of the world that is only accessible to players who control the majority of keeps. New trophies will drop inside of this area, enabling players and monster players to purchase new items and corruptions.
Players and monsters will compete for this location, within which they can find materials that will allow them to obtain the new rewards. Our hope is to make this the first of several improvements available as incentives for controlling the different areas of the Ettenmoors.

From Orion's Book 11: MP Changes sticky post on the forums.

First, we delayed the inclusion of the contested area beneath the Ettenmoors in favor of focusing on other changes and fixes. We are currently working on this for Book 12 and are please to let you know that there are a bundle of new rewards for both players and monster players being included for Book 12. These include, but are not limited to: new armor sets, new weapon sets, and new jewelry sets for players, for monster players, new racial skills, new corruptions and new items consumable and persistent
The decision to push this was not an easy one to make, primarily because I had stated that it was coming and I knew that backlash would be rough, but rather than push something out that was less than we expected and felt needed to be added to the area we made the decision to push this big feature.

Neither post gives the name of the new instance but both support that it will exist. --Eleazaros 18:01, 7 January 2008 (PST)

The name is The Delving of Frór and it was mentioned in numerous chats, though not as a raid instance. I can track it up later if noone beats me to it... --Xander 01:33, 8 January 2008 (PST)

Re: Book 12 Info? Scenario:

It is hard to follow up an update that added so much. With the Holidays and a team who had worked their hardest to get Book 11 out the door, we decided to make it a lower impacted update. This doesn't mean there won't be new and interesting aspects to the update, we just aren't trying to push out a ginormous feature like housing or a new region.
Some bullet points of things we've announced for Book 12:
  • Outfit System - So you can dress how you like without taking the hit to your stats
  • The Delving of Fror - A new public dungeon space in the Ettenmoors that Freeps and Creeps and battle over and reap the benefits of.
  • Month of the Burglar and Guardian
  • Angmar Content/World Revamp - We're taking the Scrubbing Bubbles to Angmar and giving it an intense polish pass.
There's more on the list - just stay tuned for new updates and a new patch to Roheryn in the new year!

What's the policy on this kind of new feature stuff that isn't "in game" yet?


That 'exists' but is not in the game yet (along with many other "Pure" items of this nature. They haven't been introduced yet but, as you can see, they do exist and even have recipe information on them. --Eleazaros 12:38, 8 January 2008 (PST)

Some of the things on the Lorebook made it through the filters from testserver[s], those may yet change or not be implemented at all, so I personally would refrain from adding here something that is yet to be announced; but note this question for our chat meeting, so that we can discuss it properly and perhaps even make a guideline or policy out of it... --Xander 14:02, 8 January 2008 (PST)