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Note: The Wiki entry Tailor's Guild has been redirected to this page, Tailor's Guild-hall.

Therefore, information on this page is relevant to the Tailor's Guild, not necessarily ONLY to the Guild Hall.

An idea, tips section

How about a tips section where you note things like

  • You might be careful when buying legendary recipes for the first time, since they can be expensive if you're not paying attention to the cost and you're buying a lot of them at once.
  • Buying several reputation enhancements from the LOTRO store can be helpful since you can buy 5 at a time, and click as many as you need to double the reputation of the symbols you're consuming. Be careful when questing to temporarily save your rep bonus for crafting, or use up all your rep bonus before questing for reputation again.
  • If you're not VIP at the moment, you can still make a lot of symbols and save them in your vault, then pay for a month, and become grandmaster very fast.
  • You can mine/forest/gather hides in Trollshaws (khazad-copper, exceptional hides, lebethron logs, there are also ruins for scholars) when you are level 35 if you have a nice high level friend willing to defend you. Below 35, harvesting is so slow, it's not worth the effort. Also the animals will attack you, not your defender if your level is too low. Offer to make something for his/her crafter to level up their crafting guild status so it's a win/win situation.

You prob have other cool tips.

 --Herkittyness (talk) 12:01, 22 February 2013 (EST)