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Wanted to point out a few missing details about the survivor's meta-quest:

1) Cole's meta-quest is on a daily timer, while the individual quest givers are on a 1 hour timer. This means you can return to these quest givers multiple times and count towards the daily limit. At the same time, you can take multiple days to complete the meta-quest, and then must wait for the start of the next day before retrying.

2) There is no reputation gain from Cole’s meta-quest. You gain 500 for each of the 5 quests and 0 for the meta-quest, for a total of 2500 per cycle.

3) In addition to XP accelerators, you can use mithril coins to reset Cole’s quest timer.

4) Once you’ve achieved the deed associated with Britric, Dudoc, Manni, Ealswith, and Gyric they provide all their quests, not just a subset. Only Hildelith’s quest options remain as a subset of the whole based on your vocation.

5) Note that Manni offers Warband “II” quests. The Warband I quests are also pre-requisites for each of these. For example – you must complete the Warband I: Rottenheart quest before Manni will offer the Warband II: Rottenheart quest.

6) Note that only Gyric’s quests require mounted combat, and even then ‘Jousting with Rohirrim’ and ‘A Celebration Feast’ can be completed without it.

7) Only Manni’s quests can be advanced to completion in the field. All others must be fulfilled and turned in to the quest giver to complete. This means that you could take dozens of these quests to work on as you traverse the map. However, immediately after you complete your fifth quest the meta-quest will auto-complete. All remaining incomplete quests you have will be marked as failures, removed from your quest tracker, and start their 1 hour reset timers. Even if you reset Cole’s timer, these will be gone from your quest tracker and you will be an hour away from repeating them. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Aitchuu (Contribs • User Talk) at 16 October 2017‎.