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Name and Location Details

The South-gate is mentioned several times in the works of Tolkien. Sometimes in connection to Bill Ferny and/or his house, other times that Southeners and the Black Riders sneaked into Bree this way, how Merry was found drowsy here, how Strider and the Fellowship left Bree this way, and more. Never is it called South Gate but always South-gate.

Never ever in the works of Tolkien is read the name (or denotion) "South Bree" nor "South-bree" and this seems to be an invention by Turbine, perhaps to make it clearer where the stable-masters are located. Personally I believe players are smarter than that. Because of this the page for South Bree is redirected to South Gate as that is (almost) the proper name. However, because the term "South Bree" is used in-game for stable-master routes (and maybe in some quest texts?) we may use South Bree where that is appropriate and the reader is redirected to South Gate.

To make the information on Bree clear and organized the South Gate is allowed to comprise the square that is bound by the Woodsmen's Gate, the start of the Haunted Alley, and the gate itself. Thus South Gate implies a sub-area of Bree, but only for keeping details and locations clear and crisp. Enjoy :)
Zimoon (talk) 09:59, 21 January 2012 (EST)