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There's lots of places to find scholar nodes but all of them are in or around ruins. Perhaps we should just list ruin names? Also, since scholar items drop on 'humanoid' mobs it makes sense to find the occasional scholar item on a 'corpse' spawn/node. I've found scholar items on 'corpse' nodes even if it's not normally a scholar node area. 'corpse' nodes seem to contain humanoid drops, that's why you can usually find a seed on them as well (though I've rarely ever found a seed on a mob drop & question the usefulness of a single seed as a drop.. it'd make sense if that were the only way to get those particular seeds but having grandmastered farming I know that isn't so as it's usually an Old Toby seed - though it'd be cool if you had to gather enough corpse-seeds to be able to plant it ;)

Anyway, I seriously question the usefulness of clearing out the corpse spawn to farming scholar nodes. You're more likely to get random junk than scholar items. And you're just as likely to get that odd scholar item out of a random 'chest' spawn in the same area. ~TD

Sounds good - go for it. (Personally I always clear out odd corpses etc "just in case" but no I don't think it needs mentioning here.) DancesInTrees 09:13, 16 August 2007 (PDT)

Has anyone been able to find the node at Orodost? I looked in the 20.2s, 102.0w area and found nothing. -PushLatency

Yes; I've only listed places where I have personally seen the node.
However is it worth giving such precise co-ordinates? - most ruins have at least 3 spawn points, some have many more. DancesInTrees 01:56, 4 November 2007 (PDT)