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What Hold is in the White Mountains?

Aside from the Glittering Caves established by Gimli well after the War of the Ring, what hold was supposed to have been in the White Mountains for this to be an origin for playable dwarves? I find it odd that the Misty Mountains aren't a choice, but this is, given it is still possible for dwarves of the Third Age to hail from Moria. But I know of no hold in the canon, and none is represented in the game's headcanon itself, within this mountain range. The only dwarf area I can recall in the game within the White Mountains is a small chamber within Dunharrow for the Secret Stone quest line, but I don't recall it being associated with any hold. Between Rohan and Gondor, there's not even any group of dwarves said to be of these mountains. Motsognir (talk) 01:18, 16 August 2021 (UTC)

Dwarves were Inhabitants of the White Mountains along with men (Rohirrim, Gondorians and Drúedain) as well, as to why you get white mountains as origin and not misty mountains, i don't know, but dwarves were there so they have a title for it. Though the only real known dwarves are the ones Gimli lead who became Lord of the Glittering Cave in the fourth age

Edit: also in Volume 3 book 2 and 3 they hint at strongholds in the white mountains called Zigil-jâbal and Kechel, also the Dwarf Nar we meet at Zudrugund, lived in the White Mountains before.

PontinFinnberry (talk)