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This should probably get separated into a mob and a general/lore page. Is the Hobbit instance the only case we see a Nazgûl mob? If so, seems pretty impossible to get a Lore-master inspect for it, unless the intro scenes can be replayed... Sethladan 00:49, 9 February 2011 (EST)

Is not there also a Nazgûl in the Misty Mountains, during the Book5 instance fire and ice? --Tiberivs 13:19, 9 February 2011 (EST)
Actually, this page only says a "black rider" is in the Hobbit intro, so the one you mentioned might even be the one this mob report is based on (level 46 sounds about right for that stage of the epic line). I don't have any hobbits nor characters that far along in the epic quests to confirm yet. Sethladan 13:24, 9 February 2011 (EST)
I'll check the instance with my Lore-master (lvl65)... he's done with that book, so reintering the pool in rivendell will do... I'll update soon :-) --Tiberivs 14:40, 9 February 2011 (EST)
Thanks! I really need to get my characters leveled and advanced in quests, hahah. I keep seeing content I can't help with because I'm still a LotRO newbie. :-P Sethladan 14:46, 9 February 2011 (EST)
Any objections to switching the image from File:Black Rider.jpg to File:Black Rider2.jpg? I think the second one looks more intimidating, hahah. Would like to delete whichever one we don't use. Sethladan 15:34, 18 February 2011 (EST)
Agree, the second one looks more intimidating indeed :-) --Tiberivs 18:55, 20 February 2011 (EST)