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Minas Glórelloth Tower Climbing Mini-Game Instructions [Spoiler!]

Accomplishing this deed involves performing in a small, but fairly common type of 3D platform/jumper computer game. Here are the steps required to ascend to the height of the tower:

  1. Climb up the ground-level ramp [14.7S, 51.3W]. (If taken all the way up this route leads to the second tower, Minas Celebolf, but we'll be diverging very shortly.)
  2. Turn right, climb a second ramp.
  3. Move forward until another platform appears on your left.
  4. Turn left onto this platform and move forward until you're a couple steps away from the stone wall straight ahead of you. (From this point onward, you're moving away from Minas Celebolf and toward Minas Glórelloth.)
  5. There is a wooden platform ahead, on your right. This wooden platform moves off to the right (north) along the outer wall of the city. Despite the placement and how narrow it appears, you should be able to walk right over to it without difficulty.
  6. Follow the wooden platform to the top of a stone wall; jump onto the stone. Head forward a couple of steps, past the upright wooden support beams.
  7. Turn Right. (You should have the upright wooden support beams on your right. The diagonal bracing wooden beams should be on your left. Straight ahead of you there is the branches and foliage of the top of a tree. Beyond this is a broken section of the city walls.)
  8. Move to where the diagonal bracing beam and the foliage meet. You should notice there is a bit of a hollow space in the foliage, allowing you to see additional stone flooring ahead of you. The flooring is a gap in the city wall.
  9. Move slowly forward, still facing diagonally, through the foliage - despite being unable to see. (You might need to take a tiny step right, away from the bracing beam if you get caught on it.) A couple of steps and you should be within the gap of the broken city wall.
  10. Keep to the inside of the city wall. Ahead of you is a very narrow stone ledge that couldn't possibly support you - but it will so long as you keep close to the wall.
  11. The ledge ends at the top of another city wall, on your right, which heads south. Head that way until you reach the broken section of platform.
  12. Ultimately you need to jump onto the "middle" section of platform that you can see ahead of you. Getting onto the middle section can be accomplished by jumping. Either summon your mount and jump from your current position onto the middle platform. Or, drop straight down, head back along the edge of the bottom section and get a running jump onto the middle platform (with or without a mount). Either way, you need to get onto that middle platform.
  13. Move forward and to the right of the stone wall ahead of you. There is a narrow wooden ramp that will take you upward, to the top of the stone wall, just go directly across it following the stone ledge east and then northward when it meets another wall.
  14. You will come to another broken section of wooden platform, drop down to the bottom section.
  15. Move forward and to the right of the stone wall ahead of you. There is a narrow edge of a wooden platform and the top of an upright wooden support beam. Just walk along the platform, you'll automatically go over the beam.
  16. You come to the top of some stonework which heads to your right (east) and in a few steps you're stopped by taller stonework. Jump forward, twice, onto the top of this new stonework.
  17. One of the more difficult sections. The only way to move is to jump upward, along the tiered stonework ledges, in order to reach the top.
  18. Move upward along the ramps and wooden platforms to reach the top.

Getting down... Besides porting out, the only other option is to head back to the top of the stonework and then simply jump off, into the deeper pool of water at ground level, next to Lovellos.