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Before anyone goes rolling things back, please listen! When we have the same character appearing in two places at different points in the story, I know that our standard is to name them NPCName for the main, or first encountered, location and NPCName (Loc2) for the next place they appear.

In this case, there are two completely different NPCs with the same name, so naming them based on their location seemed confusing; we don't want people to think they're the same guy.

On top of that, the OTHER Mabon (the one in dunland) is involved in three quests (and mentioned in at least one quest dialogue that he's not involved in). This one, however, does not appear to be involved in any quests, and it doesn't seem that he even needs to HAVE a name; it is highly doubtful that any player is going to come here searching for the rewards vendor by name.

Therefore, I decided that in this case, it makes more sense to have the Dunland farmer be the main Mabon page, with a disambig text pointing people here on the off chance that they are looking for this guy. -Adelas (talk) 04:44, 9 October 2011 (EDT)