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Please note:

When adding your kinship, maintain alphabetical order by sorting according to the first letter of the first significant word (excluding articles such as "a," "an," "the," or non-English equivalents). Thank you! Sethladan 10:25, 20 September 2011 (EDT)

Looking at what is supposedly a current list on the forums: (and I know this is not a complete list)

One finds: (* is on both lists)

Ancient Of Days - Perchelm

Apocalypse Chime - Babeekakes

Aratar, The - Alaethia

Ars Erthad - Jezidall

Balrog Slayers - Indiefrond

Bandits Reborn - Amella

Black Forge Elites - Belandereth

Brotherhood, The - Leorim

Call to Arms - Lathius / Kozzmo

Crimson Riders - Metalslayer

Disciples of the Hammer - Clockknock

  • Dragon Snacks - Voegelion

Drunken Hobbits - Strothalion

Exiles - Hudsonhawk

Exodus - Froggo

Extra Crispy - Kolrith

Freelancers - Sili

Greater Tolle Alliance, The - Danaria

Guardians of the Blade - Osthir

Ilsik Haucil - Patenpen

Keep it secret keep it safe - Acesfool

  • Keepers of the Spoon - Fingdir

Kindred of the Inner Flame - Amethrayne

  • Kindred Spirits - Croner

Kinship of the Saints - Canfodor

Knights of Dol Amroth, The - Baylian

Knights of the Free Peoples - Docelindar

Knights of Ni - ?

Lariond - Brotherhood of Chivalry

Lords of Eriador - Melandis

Legends of Evermoor - Rhime

Megiliath Gondolin - Elmegil

  • Memory of Light - Ayka

Merchant Princes, The - Tinwen

Midnight Squadron - Narrar

Mischief - Bellodo Weehawken

Mithril Circle, The - Galadrianna

No Quarter - Mengar -

  • Old Timers Guild - Reddion

Order of the Holy Ghost - Chavelle

Peace Pipe Patriots - Adamantia

Phalanx - Primitive

Primal Urges - Flavorz

Protectors of the Secret Fire - Nikobur -

Quebec Gold - Cocote

Royal Legion - Lazatian

Rulers of the Bracelets - Euden

Second Breakfast - Funklle

Shards of Narsil - Garet Jax

Shire Brew and Chug Social Club, The - Elorra

skorgims hammer - bartz

Stand Alone Complex - Zhofia

Stripes of the Light - Lsuman

Thronnos Rokke Clan - Vanathane

Travelers of Middle-Earth (ToME) - Nubbinn

Tribal - Onatah -

Turning of the Tide - Joellanor -

Unforgiven - Qora

Union of the Black Forge - Elandal

Wards of Lore - Aranelion

Wardens of Bifrost - Allvaldr

Warriors of Eriador - Lalilos

Warriors of Middle Earth - Gleefelin

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