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  • Verify location statement as this mob does not live in the common tomb, where?
    • Checking the timestamp of the original article shows it was created before F2P. Was the old version of the dungeon scalable perhaps? A level 43 elite would seem surely out of place in any of the current public instances. --Godun (talk) 10:26, 24 June 2013 (EDT)
The old version of Haudh Iarchith was not scalable, but its level was set pretty high. All the little interior barrows that we now have in the Barrow-downs used to be part of Haudh Iarchith as a single larger public dungeon. The level of the old dungeon was mid-40s, similar to the dwarf-rep dungeon Sarnur. So this particular mob page is now obsolete, except maybe as a mob in a scaled instance of one of the 3 Great Barrow instances or possibly the Survival:Barrow-downs skirmish.
-Shardis (talk) 11:02, 24 June 2013 (EDT)