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J.R.R. Tolkien defines a High Elf as one who has dwelt in Valinor on the continent of Aman in The Silmarillion in the Index of Names under the entry for Eldar. If one presumes that their descendants are also High Elves then the elves over leaf could all be high elves except Legolas. His father Thranduil and grandfather Oropher did not travel to Aman.

Taraiti. 15/07/2017

High Elf isn't a racial distinction it is a specific label given to elves that have seen the light of the two Trees the key isn't even that elves lived in Valinor but rather elves that have seen the light of the trees, that is the defining characteristic that makes you a High elf.People should not confuse High as some kind of synonym for powerful elf either. Luthien was one of the most powerful Elves in canon and she isn't a High elf.
Noldor elf, Sindar or Silvan elf are RACIAL names and thus one can assume that the their descendants are in fact Noldor, Sindar or Silvan. However high elf ISN'T a racial label. Three races of Elves have high elf members but not all members of these races are high elves. The races are Vanyar, Noldor and SOME Teleri those who crossed the great sea. And ONE and only one Sindar elf Thingol and he too isn't an exception to having seen the light of the trees as he was one of the three Elven ambassadors taken to see the light of the trees. One can not be born a High elf and the only Elves that crossed the Sea and remained in Middle earth in lotro's time period are the Noldor Elves and of them only those born before the destruction of the trees can be high elves. This includes Elrond, Gil-galad as Noldor (or part Noldor) elves born after the exile who at not high elves. This distinction is also why Elrond and the son's of Elrond show you great respect* even though Elrond is one of the leaders of Noldor Elves remaining in Middle earth. *[High Elf prologue]
I can't find a single reference that lists Elrond or his sons as high elves, that states Gil-galad is a high elf or Celeborn as a high elf. Can anyone show any references to high elves being a race vs. a Specific designation used to describe elves that saw the light of the trees, anywhere? If not then is seem only prudent to exclude ALL elves who haven't actually been to Valinor and seen the light of the trees from our list of elves in the game who are high elves.
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Your observations may be quite correct, however, keep in mind that on the LOTRO-Wiki we are STRICTLY concerned with the Lore and Universe of LOTRO. What others say about Tolkien's works is not relevant. What may or may be said by Tolkien in works other than the Trilogy is also NOT RELEVANT!!! SSG, and therefore LOTRO, is limited by their Intellectual Property License to information found in the certain edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And, if I remember correctly, material in the Hobbit is NOT part of that license, unless it also appears in the Trilogy!
It is fine to discuss deviations and the like on the talk pages, but the intent of the main pages is to DOCUMENT what is found in-game.
The material presently on the High-elf page was based on character generation screens from the Bullroarer version of the Mordor Expansion. It may or may not have changed since then. Additions, corrections, and updates are always welcome. Feel free to update, add to, or correct the page with any information found IN-GAME.
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