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The saga of Halros

There has been a discussion about Halros and his presence or lack thereof.

Originally posted by Phantion: 2 June 2016
Even more confusing in this storyline is the fact that Halros is a player session character during the Wildermore epic. He defends the rangers' camp when Mair attacks with her Falcon Clansmen. So, it would appear that the epic session play states that the 'canonical' or correct answer, in so far as the game goes, is that Halros did, in fact, leave the Shire, which disputed the notion of players having anything to do with choosing for Halros to stay in the Shire. In my humble opinion, if this was going to be the primary route, to give players a choice, then Radanir or Calenglad should've been the session character in the Wildermore epic, not Halros. [/QUOTE]
Response posted by MadeOfLions: 3 June 2016
I'm reminded of how interesting it was to see 'Clementine will remember that' in Telltale's first season of their Walking Dead adventure game (before it became something of a punchline; now it's lampooned in lots of places, including the new King's Quest). I think here we might have benefited by spelling out more obviously that the Halros sessionplay you mention only occurs if you tell Halros to leave the Shire. If he stays, you get an entirely different sessionplay that takes place in the Shire, so one of them is no more canonical than the other.
As for Horn's fate, I think both outcomes are consistent with his mention in the book. It does seem to me that the primary complaint comes from a belief that it's a contradiction that exists in an attempt to save Horn and Nona's happy ending. I firmly believe in Death of the Author, so feel free to disregard this, but from my point of view Horn surviving the battle isn't a happy ending at all. His story is a tragedy, whether he's still standing at the end of the battle or not. Probably more so, given the people involved.
(Wadu's Ghost will remember that.)
  • The important thing here is that our current description of Halros is wrong!
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 00:08, 4 June 2016 (UTC)