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I know this is still a work in progress but there are some things in your guide which dont seem right in my mind. More specifically the preview and the DW vs. 2H section. I think this is a good initiative but its important to have the right information in your guide.

Preview: You present the champion class as being somewhere in between of a damage dealer and a tank. After this you say that the DPS of a champion is lower than pure damage dealers and that a champion is not a pure damage dealer. But the champion is a pure damage dealer class which does top tier DPS and can do as much DPS as an hunter or runekeeper can, especially when you account for their AoE. Champs are good offtanks and even main tanks in small fellowship when traited for it but this is their secondary role. I think you should make it more clear that a champion is primarily a damage dealer with a secondary role as off tank.

Dw vs 2H: Here you state that the general consensus is that DW beats a 2H but that is simply not the general consensus. If you look on the forums of lotro you will see many threads about this and you can clearly see that at best the consensus is this: —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Gil-galad (Contribs • User Talk).