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Riddermark VS Wildmore Tokens/Coin

the link doesn't match up with the item. in game they use the same icon but they AREN'T the same. how can we fix this? --JaqlinLeFleur (talk) 12:00, 18 June 2014 (UTC)

Turbine is well known for using "placeholder" Icons during the betas and continuing after it goes live. Classic example is the "Acorn" image/icon STILL being used for "Walnuts" in both West Rohan, and now in Western Gondor as well -- for now over 18 months. (Since the beta of Update 12)
Turbine is also constantly revising icons making it a significant effort to keep up with them.
  • Feel free to replace/correct the icons.
See: Help:Images for the how-to.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 13:52, 18 June 2014 (UTC)