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Hmmm, this one is quite empty but I still feel like a beginner at most areas so I won't provide anything. Yet, this is an area that would attract any new player. Personally I would love a structure such as: a brief intro, hints on which traits are best for the class (maybe focused on what is accessed for lower levels), brief tips on armour/weapons, other quick tips on trickier skills/abilities. But also dotted items on pitfalls, what not to waste time on in an ignorant attempt to improve useless stuff, etc. After the brief beginners stuff the deeper guides may be as lengthy as you wish for.

The class pages are great but the data is often way more than asked for and useful more for the already skilled player, not for the beginner (it is indeed a huge difference between normal wiki-pages and good guides). I guess the skilled player assume that things are easily understood, but that is usually not the case. The beginner may struggle to understand the concept (at least while reading up beforehand or comparing classes) but once over the threshold .. yeah, then it is easy ;) I guess some common beginners questions are, which class should I choose?, and what is the difference between this trait and that? That is not for the common wiki/data-pages but for these guides that I foresee coming :)
Zimoon (talk) 18:18, 9 February 2012 (EST)