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easier way for hard mode

The strategy for hard mode given here is a lot of trouble. First of, you will only loose hard mode if you kill more then 2 sentries. It does not matter if any alarms get sounded, it only brings in some more adds. Also, you will only loose the uniform buff if you are hit by something, not when you enter combat. You can actually pull mobs to the group while maintaining the uniform buff. Just make sure to pull a melee guy and run like hell.
This can make the first floor a lot easier. To make the first floor even more easy, let your minstrel (if you have one) distract the first sentry and let everyone move towards the left of the hall way. This means that you can pull mobs even while loosing your uniform buff, just take care not to get spotted by sentry's.
The second floor can also be done easier then displayed in the guide. Just kill the sentry that is patrolling the stairway. Now you can move the whole group into the boss room without any uniforms (beware of patrolling sentry's around the boss room though). You can even let 5 people handle some trash while the last person (the one with the uniform) locates lieutenants and uniforms.
I haven't put this in the main article yet since I'm not sure if we want to many different tactics up there, and which one we should set there. While the tactic I always use is easier, it makes a minstrel essential (or at least it makes it a lot easier with a minstrel). However I have corrected the working of hard mode and the uniform buff. --Luukjn 19:43, 24 April 2009 (UTC)