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The Major Rewrite

I have a character who recently entered Esteldin for the first time, and I'm willing to upgrade this page. Since it's my first visit, though, I wouldn't necessarily have all the right information at once. Is it acceptable to add a series of edits as I discover things, or should I create something offline and add a nearly-finished version all at once later? -- David 18:00, 8 June 2010 (UTC)

You can experiment any page in your "sandbox", ie. add a link to your user page and play with it from there. Once it looks as you like, copy-paste it in the "official" wiki. Add the {{Delete Page}} template once you want to discard your sandbox page. I've added a link for Esteldin on your user page, just click it and start it as you like! :) -- Goingbald 03:25, 9 June 2010 (UTC)
Thanks! If anyone else wants to edit the Esteldin page, please coordinate with me. I expect to keep working on my draft for several more days before overwriting the current version. I'll check for any edits in the meantime, but it would be better not to risk any mistakes. -- David 17:46, 11 June 2010 (UTC)
Now in the format of Boilerplate:Location. I've entered all the NPCs I've found so far, but there might be others I haven't met yet. Some NPCs have no entries of their own yet, but I decided that wasn't part of my main task. I plan on adding some more pictures eventually. I thought about piecing together a map of the whole settlement, which I found a bit confusing initially, but pasting together a bunch of mini-maps is beyond my limited graphics capability (nothing would line up!) -- David 20:10, 12 June 2010 (UTC)
And now (1½ year after previous post) yet another rewrite, this time using all of the boilerplate and the location info-boxes. The settlement is now split up on three courtyards, just to shorten those overwhelming lists and to make it clearer. Basically the courtyards also provide very different services, vendors to the west, class trainers in the centre -- both having lots of quest givers -- and crafting to the east (with the exception of woodworker's guild). Zimoon (talk) 15:30, 26 February 2012 (EST)


I'm concerned about the list of quests, which is very long and has no structure -- it's just a list of all the quests from all the NPCs, in alphabetical order. It doesn't show the chain structure, nor the quest levels, but the chain structure would basically duplicate what is (or ought to be) in the NPC's quest lists. So I'd appreciate advice on what's the best way to present quests. This concern probably applies to all the quest lists in all the larger locations. -- David 20:10, 12 June 2010 (UTC)

I've edited the quest list to add quest levels, and to sort by level instead of by quest name. I took the levels of the quests with no wiki page from the lorebook. If I edit other quest lists I'll follow the same format, which someone else (Ravanel?) suggested elsewhere. David 17:32, 7 August 2010 (EDT)
All quests are now (1½ year after previous post) listed so they no quest chain order is broken; to present quests in other styles I suggest making special pages for that, or updating those that exists, this is about geography ;) Zimoon (talk) 15:30, 26 February 2012 (EST)

Correct Name

Just wanting to check if this is meant to be Esteldín or Esteldin. Reason I want to check is that I noticed a broken redirect from [[Category:Esteldin Quests]] to [[Category:Esteldín Quests]]. When I clicked on the Esteldín one, it said it had been deleted the other day, and the redirect had been created a couple of days before that. I wondered if maybe the name was wrong, but its still called Esteldín on this page. There's still some quests left in the deleted category, should they be moved to the other one, or does the deleted one need remade? Amphoras 07:45, 27 May 2011 (EDT)

Three-quarter of a year later, Esteldín is the correct name. All categories seem to be in order. Once all of North Downs is completed for this time I guess everything should be alright, until next in-game changes change everything. Zimoon (talk) 15:30, 26 February 2012 (EST)

Area versus Settlement

Just a heads-up: Esteldín is both a settlement and a same-name area. It is not part of Kingsfell, just surrounded by ;)
Zimoon (talk) 15:30, 26 February 2012 (EST)