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Nice idea :). Hope the table layout is roughly what you had in mind. I've had corrosive droplets from something else - flame-worm thingys in west Malenhad maybe? Hm, should the page be called "Class Quest Drops" or similar? as they're not exclusive to Angmar. DancesInTrees 06:21, 21 October 2007 (PDT)

Thankyou ^_^. And the table layout is perfect. Unfortunately, I don't have any 45+ burgs, champs, hunters or lm's to ask about their drops. I have a friend thats a 44 capt, so when he levels I'll ask him. How do we mark this as a stub until all the classes are listed? Hecatonchires 8:17pm, 22 October 2007 (AEST)

Splitting out the CD and URU stuff like that cleans the table up nicely. Good idea. Hecatonchires 10:19pm, 14 November 2007 (AEST)

I've updated the table with a bunch of missing information. This page is VERY useful for high level players, and it is currently only linked from the Angmar article, which is a shame. I would like to request at least a few more links here from different pages - at the bottom of the classes, or on class quests pages, for example. --Fedaykin 00:40, 6 February 2008 (PST)

Don't request something that you can do yourself ;-) --Xander 02:47, 6 February 2008 (PST)
Point taken :) --Fedaykin 11:07, 6 February 2008 (PST)

Burglar Confirmation & Page Update

I've updated the general info for this page as my Burglar has completed, but not yet turned in, the quest items. I've got screenshots of the items, but let me know if you need anything specifically. Unfortunately, my only screenshot of the Leech Fangs was after obtaining more than one - so I've got a quantity superimposed. Hopefully this can be edited out easily. I will try to create the necessary Burglar item pages and upload the images in the next couple of days.

I did not receive a Letter for this quest (started Aug 14th). It's possible I sold it, but I generally double check, twice, before hitting Sell All - so I should have seen it. I have not included the reference to the Letters in this update therefore.

I also clarified the purple background comment as the first set of items have green backgrounds as can be seen by the tooltip available here on the wiki.

As far as I can recall the 2nd & 3rd Set of items all drop in Angmar as specified. At least, the mobs and their drops are where I recall them. So I don't understand the questionable Accuracy flag for this article. I'll try to double check though. Only problem will be Carn Dum & Urugarth - I don't do Instances of any kind (Raid, Skirmish, etc) as I hate Turbine's implementation / scaling of instanced areas. -- Semicapable (talk) 20:34, 15 August 2013 (EDT)

Thanks for the update. Only quibble I have is that you refer to the questgiver as "class trainer". the class trainer NPC only gives the starting quest; the NPC who actually gives the two separate quests to collect the items is not an actual class trainer. (eg, burglars will start Quest:The Truest Course is Awareness from any burglar trainer, but that sends them to Sterling Proudfoot who will start the actual items quests Quest:Articles of Cunning and Quest:Implements of the Night. to advance these quests, the burglar will need to return to Sterling once the items are collected. unless something's been changed, Sterling will not train new burglar skills, so "class trainer" isn't appropriate.) (btw, the questgiver NPC and/or their location might be useful in the summary table; there might be room for that info in the Class header without making it too busy.)
re: items.
  • iirc, the 1st set of items are all quest items -- not simply bind-on-acquire, but also stored in the quest log rather than in the inventory. that might be useful to mention.
  • re: 2nd set, Angmar isn't the only location to find those drops -- mob level and type are the important factors. lv45-ish mobs in Tomb of Maenadar in Breeland can drop them. lv45-50 or so is the active level range, in my experience (there is some variation: lv44 turtles in Angmar but not lv43; possibly lv51-53 mobs in Moria?). this may be the biggest reason for the accuracy stub.
  • re: 3rd set, yes, all are from Carn Dum/Urugarth instance bosses (or skirm camp as you note).
re: letter. i don't recall letters either, but that may have been how these quests worked when they were first introduced. i haven't done them in quite some time and have no plans to level new toons, so i'll have to leave verification of that to someone else.
Taz (talk) 22:03, 15 August 2013 (EDT)
Taz, thanks for your comments as they add some insight into aspects I missed. I will incorporate them in a future edit in a couple of days (to prevent posting an endless series of minor edits). However, I'm not clear on your comment: "mob level and type are the important factors". In the existing table a creature's Genus is provided, but not a specific name or level. While this info is needed, it exists on the Item page, not within the Items by Name (2nd Set) table. Including it within this table would impair readability. Am I misunderstanding your intent? -- Semicapable (talk) 06:10, 17 August 2013 (EDT)
nah, not saying all that info is needed in the table particularly. just that the table locations are very angmar-centric. some are fine; others are weak (wight drops in Carn Dum? where?). moria isn't mentioned in that table at all, and it's as good if not better than angmar for cave-claw skins; similar for eregion and splintered warg claws.
let the individual item pages be a full catalog of locations and details; i just think this page's 2nd-set table should probably be telling players a few "best" locations. is carn dum for wight drops good enough to mention here? maybe pick the best spot in each zone, so we're telling players 1 spot in angmar, 1 in misties, 1 in forochel, 1 in eregion. only list 3 spots in angmar if there's just no other zones that have those items. Taz (talk) 11:44, 18 August 2013 (EDT)