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Is is certain that the spoiler for the torch order is correct? I used them in the sequence mentioned and he did not activate, so I toyed around with the other torches after that and he showed up with 10 dread. Also, what exactly is the goal with the torches, to get them all lit, extinguished, a certain color? I'm going to study the clue and see if I can discern more info about this fight, a captain-friend of mine keeps going back to try for the halbard... ... ok it looks like the goal is to get them all lit in order to return him to his form. This is what I can gather:

  • East toggles SW and NW
  • West toggles East
  • NW toggles no other torches
  • SE toggles NW
  • NE toggles NW and SE
  • SW toggles NE

This also means:

  • Nothing toggles West except the West torch itself
  • NW is toggled by East, SE, and NE, but can be toggled by itself without affecting others

I think it may start out with only the east torch lit? Next time I do this fight I'll see if I can apply this logic, or determine if maybe I just made a mistake last time. MysterX 12:21, 6 February 2008 (PST)

Err, now that you mention it... I think I listed the order upside-down. Doh! When I specified the torches, I was looking towards the Castellan, instead of towards the actual "North" of the map of BG. In other words, the "correct" order is West, East, North-West. I'll go ahead and fix that up now, but feel free to mess around with the torches some more - perhaps it's possible to pull him with less than 6? --Fedaykin 12:40, 6 February 2008 (PST)