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Trivia on Buckland

While Buckland indeed is a very small area, maybe smaller than the town of Bree(?), it is not a settlement as has been stated at some pages of this wiki. Rather, according to Tolkien's fictional realm Buckland contains several larger and smaller settlements and yet smaller villages.

It may be discussed whether Crickhollow is a village large enough to be listed as a village within Eriador. Indeed it is a village, not just the one house Frodo happened to visit one night not too long ago (depending on a character's level). For the moment I listed it as a settlement within Buckland but not a village at the "global" list; I think it should have a little more than just 5 vendors and a mail-box for that, but ...

With Buckland proper means the complete area of Buckland that more matches Tolkien's description of the reaches of High Hay regarding the southern section. Zooming in on the Google-map of Buckland shows how a triangular, grassy field south of the craft-faire is just cut off from access. At least now, but maybe the developers have (or had) some ideas for this section. On the other hand, whether it is "proper" or not to stretch Buckland up to the Brandy Hills may also be discussed over an ale or two ;)

Whatever, enjoy the game :-)
Zimoon (talk) 16:28, 14 January 2012 (EST)