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Concerning Root Strike

I did some crude math on the relative DPS increase offered by Root Strike and Shatter Arms for a Hunter, and I thought I'd share my results. The formula I used was as follows:

([Base damage]-[critical chance]-[devastate chance])+([critical chance]*[critical multiplier])+([devastate chance]*[devastate magnitude])=[Average damage]

I calculated skills and auto-attacks separately, as auto-attacks have much lower critical multipliers, but contribute a significant portion to overall damage. Base critical multiplier for skills is 1.5, and devastate multiplier is 2. For auto-attacks, the base critical and devastate multipliers are both 1.3. The following assumptions were made:

  • The Hunter has capped his ranged critical rating, giving him a base critical chance of 15% and a base devastate chance of 5%
  • The Hunter has two Bowmaster traits slotted, increasing critical multiplier for skills and auto-attacks by 10%
  • The Hunter has both Induction and Focus Critical Multiplier maxed out on his bow, adding 25% critical multiplier to skills only.

Using 100 as an easy and generic base damage number, the results were:

Control: (100-15-5)+(15*1.85)+(5*2.35)=80+27.75+11.75=119.5

Root Strike: (100-20-5)+(20*1.85)+(5*2.35)=75+37+11.75=128.75

Shatter Arms: ((100-15-5)+(15*1.85)+(5*2.35))*1.05=(119.5)*1.05=125.475

Control: (100-15-5)+(15*1.4)+(5*1.4)=80+21+7=108

Root Strike: (100-20-5)+(20*1.4)+(5*1.4)=75+28+7=110

Shatter Arms: ((100-15-5)+(15*1.4)+(5*1.4))*1.05=(108)*1.05=113.4

Most combat parses have shown that auto-attacks make up roughly 30% of total damage dealt. So by multiplying the results from the skill calculations by 0.7 and those from the auto-attack calculation by 0.3, you get the following:

Control: 119.5*0.7+108*0.3=83.65+32.4=116.05

Root Strike: 128.75*0.7+110*0.3=90.125+33=123.125

Shatter Arms: 116.05*1.05=121.8525

As you can see, Root Strike is only about 1% better, even for a Hunter with all the available critical multipliers (and a lot of hunters will not have all the available critical multipliers). That, coupled with the fact that almost every fellowship will inevitably have at least one melee class (usually a lot more) makes Shatter Arms a clear winner for maximizing DPS. This is magnified by the fact that the Bear does not require a capstone legendary, allowing you to trait for boosting your own damage via Master of Nature's Fury or your group's damage via Ancient Master (permanent Ancient Craft is a big increase to damage taken for your enemies). Conclusion: if you want to maximize the damage output of your group, the Bog-guardian is not the optimal choice.
/Fingolwë 07:37, 3 May 2011 (EDT)