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Tentative Template for Auto-consumed Items

Just an idea, air your concerns:

[[{{{1|}}}]] - ''([[Auto-consumed Items|auto-consumed]] from [[{{{2|}}}|this]])''<noinclude>
[[Category:Utility Templates]]

So that
{{Auto-consumed|Guide to West Angmar|Item:Guide to West Angmar}}
would yield Guide to West Angmar - (auto-consumed from this)

Perhaps not auto-linking in the case the first parameter also has a File:xyz.png or anything like that. But the second should not meet any hinder. At least it reduces the verbiage, but I am not too happy of it, perhaps you have better suggestions on how to phrase it for shortest possible display ... it should not shadow the real reward or grab focus from the quest or whatever.
Zimoon (talk) 07:48, 17 July 2012 (EDT)