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Armour Sets Index Style Guide

This guide describes the standards that should be followed when creating and editing Armour Set Index pages.

Armour Set Index pages list different armour sets and are organized by character class and level range. Class non-specific armour sets for Light, Medium, and Heavy armour are also listed on their own index pages. The level ranges to be used are as follows:

  • 21-40
  • 41-60
  • 61-80
  • 81-100
  • 101-115 (or higher if level cap increases in the future)

(Note: There are not currently any armour sets below level 21 in-game. However, if any are added in the future, index pages for level range 1-20 should be created.)

The armour sets should be listed in a four-column table as follows:

  • Column 1: Chest icon from the armour set
  • Column 2: Name of the armour set (linked)
  • Column 3: Min level (or level range) of the armour set (or if the armour set is a quest reward, level of the quest)
  • Column 4: From where the armour set is acquired

Note that the "Acquired From" column should list the location from which the actual armour set pieces are acquired (i.e. the instance name or location name). If the armour set pieces are bartered for, then the name of the instance that drops the TOKENS that are bartered should be listed.

The name or location of the actual barter NPC should not be listed. The purpose is to quickly convey which content the player needs to run in order to get the armour set. If the player wants to know the location of the barter NPC, that information should be included on the armour set's page itself. If the armour set is bartered with Marks and Medallions, then simply use the template {{BarterMM}} to insert the text "Marks and Medallions" into the column.
--Gaerlin (talk) 19:22, 30 June 2017 (UTC)