Tailor Mastery Components Index

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Tailor Mastery Components

A complete list of Tailor Mastery Components.

Mastery Component Tier Level Recipes
Common Flax Fibre-icon.png Common Flax Fibre Apprentice Most Tier 1 Recipes
Bree Flax Fibre-icon.png Bree Flax Fibre Journeyman Most Tier 2 Recipes
Pale Flax Fibre-icon.png Pale Flax Fibre Expert Most Tier 3 Recipes
Yellow Flax Fibre-icon.png Yellow Flax Fibre Artisan Most Tier 4 Recipes
Golden Flax Fibre-icon.png Golden Flax Fibre Master Most Tier 5 Recipes
Fairy Flax Fibre-icon.png Fairy Flax Fibre Supreme Most Tier 6 Recipes
Drop of Birch-tar-icon.png Drop of Birch-tar Westfold Most Tier 7 Recipes
Piece of Oak Bark-icon.png Piece of Oak Bark Eastemnet Most Tier 8 Recipes
Piece of Walnut Bark-icon.png Piece of Walnut Bark Westemnet Most Tier 9 Recipes
Piece of Poplar Bark-icon.png Piece of Poplar Bark Anórien Most Tier 10 Recipes
Piece of Doomfold Bark-icon.png Piece of Doomfold Bark Doomfold Most Tier 11 Recipes
Piece of Thornholt Bark-icon.png Piece of Thornholt Bark Ironfold Most Tier 12 Recipes
Piece of Mordor Snag Bark-icon.png Piece of Mordor Snag Bark Minas Ithil Most Tier 13 Recipes
Piece of Gundabad Bark-icon.png Piece of Gundabad Bark Gundabad Most Tier 14 Recipes