Strength of the Pure

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Working with your fellows you are able to crush your target while also rallying and energizing your fellowship members.


  • Every participating member of the fellowship will receive the respective boost / cause the damage based on their individual contribution.
  • All members of the fellowship (whether they participated or not) will receive a heal over time, with 5 second tick and 35 second duration.
  • The amount of morale recovered per tick depends on the level of the participating members of the fellowship, ranging from 70 to 93 morale at levels 12-15.
  • Every member of the fellowship will also recover ?? amount of power.
  • The target will receive additional damage of ?? over and above the individual red contribution.
  • The Fellowship member who used Stallion's Spirit will gain an Oathbreaker to fight alongside them as their pet for a short amount of time.


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