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  • Melee Skill
  • Max Targets: 6
  • Radius: 5m

  • Bring foot up, put foot down, puny things fall over. Sometimes things get hurt easier after.

  • 656 Common Damage

  • 8s Knockout
  • Cost: 138 Power
  • Cost: 2 Rampage

    Apply to target on Critical and Devastating Critical:
    Lowers resistance to wounds.
    -1900 Wound Resist Rating
    Expires if out of combat for 9 seconds.
    Duration: 1m

  • Cooldown: 30s


A Troll attack used by Troll Session Players in Monster Play.


 Knocked Out
  • Knocked unconscious and cannot move or act.
  • Duration: 8s

Sometimes, or if Roar is used, it can apply the following effects to the target.

Wound 3-icon.png
 Susceptibility to Wounds
  • Resistance: Wound (50)
  • Lowers resistance to wounds.
    -10% Wound Resistance
  • Duration: 1m