Spiders and Insects

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Spiders and insects, some natural and others corrupted by evil, can be encountered throughout both the settled lands and the wild places of the world. Each of these creatures has their own habitat with variations for different climates and conditions.

Within this broad category of creatures are the following sub-groups:

Spiders and Insects(7 C, 2 P)
Crawlers(95 P)
Gredbyg(84 P)
Insect Clouds(22 P)
Neekerbreekers(38 P)
Sickle-flies(63 P)
Spiders(270 P)

Some of these creatures are servants of the Dark Lord and will actively seek to waylay travelers. Others attempt to defend themselves from a perceived threat - but will retire without conflict if given the chance. A rare few will ignore the passage of others provided they are ignored in turn.

All spiders and insects are susceptible to Beleriand damage.