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Fansite Guidelines

  1. Sites must be LOTRO related
  2. No gold selling website or any website that violates Turbines T&Cs to play the game
  3. No sites that require an account to view
  4. Don't link sites that uses ad pop-ups/pop-unders or sites with several advertisements.
  5. Kinship pages belong here

Inactive sites removed

If you feel this is an error, please update the link and add it back.

removed: inactive server

  • Weathertop Radio - Weathertop Radio provides regular podcasts reporting on news, updates, and general information about Lord of the Rings Online.
  • Enterwiki
  • Echoes of Chaos
  • Gamers Within is a Social network website and provides free hosting for your Lotro guild! Keep in contact with your gaming friends even when you or them move on to the next game! Gamers Within has many features to express your LOTR accomplishments. Screenshots & picture albums, custom and easy to use gamer profile. Guild hosting to help you create, organize and manage your guild.
  • LOTRO OC LOTRO Online Community and Social Network
  • Lotro Forum - Active lotro forum. Tips tricks and hints. Frienships and kinships. Lore and playing guides. Come and join us!
  • LOTRO Guilds

removed: invalid link

  • Avatars United - MMO community for your LOTRO avatars and other MMO avatars. Register your avatar, register your guild, upload your profile picture, write your biography and share some of your exploits in virtual worlds through pictures, videos and blogs.

removed: appears to be spam site or parked site

  • Godlike Gamers - Godlike Gamers is an online community devoted to all MMORPGs. Starting the first of 2008, Godlike Gamers will be holding the G² LAN Gamer's Summit which will compromise of competition in many MMORPG and FPS. Some features of this site include forum community that is realm-based, online FAQ contributed by members, maps & databases, and live voice chat.
  • RingCast - RingCast is a weekly podcast covering Lord of the Rings:Online. Topics include the latest news and updates, hints and tips, a detailed segment covering some aspect of the game in detail, as well as audio feedback from other listeners.
  • LoTRo Resource
  • Lotropolis
  • GuildCafe is a service for recording your gaming history and memories, as well as past and present guild (kinship) information to help you stay connected with your current gaming group, and find old friends and enemies from former games. It also includes features for hosting a kinship and sharing favorite content with other players.
  • PGG-LOTRO-FanPage The Profit Gamers Guild is the largest guild in the world and for good reason, check out our LOTRO Fanpage and learn more about us.

Places you may or may not be aware of

Places you may or may not be aware of
  • The Reddit sub- Reddit/LOTRO is one. There is even a Kinship associated with it on Gladden (I have no idea how active they still are)
Official LOTRO (Turbine) sites
LOTRO (lotro) on Twitter -
LOTROstream - Twitch -
There is also an official F A C E B O O K page - www.f a c e
Other social networking / LOTRO support sites (from my bookmarks)
LoTROInterface -
LOTRO Players -
LOTRO Dynamic Map -
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