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Image of Rori
Role Taxidermist
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Moria
Area Zelem-melek
Settlement Twenty-first Hall
Map Ref [5.9S, 105.2W]


Rori is a Taxidermist inside the Twenty-first Hall of Moria. He barters items looted from mob bosses for stuffed trophies of the bartered item, used as housing decorations.

Barter Information

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Krankluk's Hammer (Trophy)-icon.png Krankluk's Hammer Krankluk's Hammer (Barter)-icon.png Kranklûk's Hammer
Morhûn's Gemstone-icon.png Morhûn's Gemstone Morhûn's Gemstone (Barter)-icon.png Morhûn's Gemstone
Egg of the Mistress (Trophy)-icon.png Egg of the Mistress Egg of the Mistress (Barter)-icon.png Egg of the Mistress
Gurvand's Head (Trophy)-icon.png Gurvand's Head Gurvand's Head (Barter)-icon.png Gurvand's Head
Grimreaver (Trophy)-icon.png Grimreaver Grimreaver (Barter)-icon.png Grimreaver
Stinger of Brúmbereth (Trophy)-icon.png Stinger of Brúmbereth Stinger of Brúmbereth (Barter)-icon.png Stinger of Brúmbereth
Fungal Mushroom-icon.png Fungal Mushroom Fungal Mushroom (Barter)-icon.png Fungal Mushroom
Fire Orc Banner-icon.png Fire Orc Banner Gothghaash's Symbol-icon.png Gothghaash's Symbol
Dwarf Drawbridge Diorama-icon.png Dwarf Drawbridge Diorama Igash's Trinket-icon.png Igash's Trinket
Drum (Trophy)-icon.png Drum The Beast's Drum-icon.png The Beast's Drum
Miniature Warg-rider-icon.png Miniature Warg-Rider Glothrok's Token-icon.png Glothrok's Token
General Talug's Armour Display-icon.png General Talug's Armour Display General Talug's Armour-icon.png General Talug's Armour
Ominous Pool-icon.png Ominous Pool Watcher's Token-icon.png Watcher's Token
White Hand Shield-icon.png White Hand Shield Shield of the White Hand-icon.png Shield of the White Hand
Uruk Helmet with Stuffed Craban-icon.png Uruk Helmet with Stuffed Craban White Hand Helm and Feathers-icon.png White Hand Helm and Feathers
Caerog's Arm-icon.png Caerog's Arm Caerlug's Arm-icon.png Caerlug's Arm
Wings of Ergoth-icon.png The Wings of Ergoth Ergoth's Wings-icon.png Ergoth's Wings
Thaguzg's Armour (Trophy)-icon.png Thaguzg's Armour Thaguzg's Armour (Barter)-icon.png Thaguzg's Armour
The Blind One's Head-icon.png The Blind One's Head The Blind One's Skull-icon.png The Blind One's Skull
Heads of the Globsnaga Elders-icon.png Heads of the Globsnaga Elders Zholuga's Head-icon.png Zholuga's Head
Istûm's Head-icon.png Istûm's Head
Flagit's Head-icon.png Flagit's Head
Nornúan's Head (Trophy)-icon.png Nornúan's Head Nornúan's Head (Barter)-icon.png Nornúan's Head

Trophy Gallery