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  • Immediate

  • Roar of rage. When is sometimes? Sometimes is next.

  • Next skill will critically hit.
  • Duration: 10s

  • Cost: 138 Power
  • Cost: 2 Rampage
  • Cooldown: 1m


A Troll attack used by Troll Session Players in Monster Play.

This buff enables the occasional (Sometimes) portion of troll attacks to be applied on the next attack. Currently this works with all attacks except Thud as follows:

Icon Attack Name Attack Type "Special" Effects
Smash-icon.png Smash 3 Target, 5m radius, Melee attack Will apply Major Dislocation 1 minute debuff
+20% attack duration
-22% block chance.
Crush-icon.png Crush 3 Target, 5m radius, Melee attack Will apply Major Injury 3 minute debuff
Decreases might by 225.
plus it can stun targets for 3 seconds.
Each of these two effects are "checked" independently but only the decrease in might is effected by Roar.
Thud-icon.png Thud 6 Target, 6m radius, Melee attack This can do massive damage (2-4 times the base damage).
this skill does not seem to be effected by the Roar skill but will "burn" that buff if it is going when you use this attack.
Rock-icon.png Rock 6 Target, 6m radius, 40m Ranged attack Will apply a 271 common damage bleed effect, every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.
this is potentially the most damaging attack that a troll player can hit an enemy with -- potentially doing over 4,500 morale damage to a target over 30 seconds, with the initial damage added in, on up to 6 targets with this single attack.
All these moves cost various amounts of Rampage to use.
Swat-icon.png Swat 6 Target, 5m radius, Melee attack
(costs 1 rampage)
Will apply Major Sprain 1 minute debuff
-40% run speed
-15% Evade chance
this is potentially the second most damaging attack that a troll player can hit an enemy with -- it does around 1,000 damage, applies a knockback effect and can slow the targets movement by 40% for 1 minute.
Stomp-icon.png Stomp 6 Target, 5m radius, Melee attack
(costs 2 rampage)
Will apply Susceptibility to Wounds 1 minute debuff
-10% Wound Resistance
Knocks out your opponents for 8 seconds.
this is a good "starter" move to follow up with another move -- NOT Swat, unless you don't want them to be knocked back. They are "knocked down" for 8 seconds so cannot block, parry nor evade for the 8 seconds -AND- the wound effect means your other attacks' "specials" have a higher chance to land when the wound effect is on the target -- all specials are wound resistance checks.