Return to after-battle Henneth Annûn

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Guide to Henneth Annûn-icon.png
 Return to after-battle Henneth Annûn
  • Induction: 8s
  • Thanks to your friendship with the Host of the West, you're able to quickly return to Henneth Annûn. This skill is easily interrupted.
  • Cooldown: 1h

All Races: Reputation Item (Common Skill)

This skill is obtained when you acquire the item Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png  Return to Henneth Annûn from the Quartermaster (Host of the West) for 20Host of the West Silver Piece-icon.png Host of the West Silver Pieces.

  • Friend Standing with the Host of the West is required to acquire and use this skill.
  • Cooldown is one hour and is independent of other "Return To" skills
  • This skill can be used while in combat.