Rambi (Thorin's Hall Homesteads)

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This page is about the Housing Furnisher at Thorin's Hall Homesteads. For the quest giver in Durin's Way, see Rambi (Chamber of Crossroads)
Image of Rambi
Role Housing Furnisher
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Hall Homesteads
Map Ref [15.1S, 107.8W]


Rambi is the Housing Furnisher for Thorin's Hall Homesteads. He sells various furnishings and recipes.

Quest Involvement

House Furnishings Sold

Item Cost
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Ancestral Bonds' Theme 28 Silver 
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Ered Luin' Theme 28 Silver 
'Harvest Time' Painting-icon.png 'Harvest Time' Painting 11 Silver 4 Copper 
'Heraldry' Painting-icon.png 'Heraldry' Painting 11 Silver 4 Copper 
'Playful Children' Painting-icon.png 'Playful Children' Painting 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Basket Chandelier-icon.png Basket Chandelier 12 Silver 
Black Floor Paint-icon.png Black Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Black Wall Paint-icon.png Black Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Brewer's Waggon-icon.png Brewer's Waggon 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Brown Woven Doormat-icon.png Brown Woven Doormat 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Dark Green Floor Paint-icon.png Dark Green Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Dark Green Wall Paint-icon.png Dark Green Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Dwarf-make Bench-icon.png Dwarf-make Bench 14 Silver 
Dwarf-make Table-icon.png Dwarf-make Table 14 Silver 
Empty Brazier-icon.png Empty Brazier 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Farmer's Waggon-icon.png Farmer's Waggon 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Gold Floor Paint-icon.png Gold Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Gold Wall Paint-icon.png Gold Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Grey Diamond Stone Floor-icon.png Grey Diamond Stone Floor 14 Silver 
Indigo Floor Paint-icon.png Indigo Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Indigo Wall Paint-icon.png Indigo Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Iron Chandelier-icon.png Iron Chandelier 12 Silver 
Brown Rug-icon.png Large Brown Rug 14 Silver 
Red Rug-icon.png Large Red Rug 14 Silver 
Stone Wall-icon.png Lined Stone Wall 14 Silver 
Apprentice Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Long Dwarf-make Table Decoration Recipe 2 Silver 52 Copper 
Stone Wall-icon.png Marbled Stone Wall 14 Silver 
Master's Brazier-icon.png Master's Brazier 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Mossy Well-icon.png Mossy Well 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Multi-coloured Stone Floor-icon.png Multi-coloured Stone Floor 14 Silver 
Navy Floor Paint-icon.png Navy Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Navy Wall Paint-icon.png Navy Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Olive Floor Paint-icon.png Olive Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Olive Wall Paint-icon.png Olive Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Rust Floor Paint-icon.png Rust Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Rust Wall Paint-icon.png Rust Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Sienna Floor Paint-icon.png Sienna Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Sienna Wall Paint-icon.png Sienna Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Brown Rug-icon.png Small Brown Rug 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Red Rug-icon.png Small Red Rug 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Small Woven Brown Rug-icon.png Small Woven Brown Rug 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Steel Brazier-icon.png Steel Brazier 12 Silver 
Tall Iron Candlestand-icon.png Tall Iron Candlestand 12 Silver 
Umber Floor Paint-icon.png Umber Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Umber Wall Paint-icon.png Umber Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Violet Floor Paint-icon.png Violet Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Violet Wall Paint-icon.png Violet Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Wheelbarrow & Sacks-icon.png Wheelbarrow & Sacks 11 Silver 4 Copper 
White Floor Paint-icon.png White Floor Paint 14 Silver 
White Wall Paint-icon.png White Wall Paint 14 Silver