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This page is about the barterer in Esteldín. For the quest giver in Moria, see Ráthulf (Durin's Threshold)
Image of Ráthulf
Title Trader
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region The North Downs
Settlement Esteldín
Interior Esteldín Central Courtyard
Map Ref [9.6S, 41.1W]


Ráthulf is a "Trader" found at Esteldín Central Courtyard in The North Downs, near the library. He barters items obtained from Amarthiel's assaults on the Free Peoples for various cosmetic item rewards.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Cloak of Vigilance-icon.png Cloak of Vigilance Emblem of the Oath Holder-icon.png Emblem of the Oath Holder
Cloak of the Steadfast-icon.png Cloak of the Steadfast Ring of Devotion-icon.png Ring of Devotion
Campaign Backpack-icon.png Campaign Backpack Broken Signet-icon.png Broken Signet
Hauberk of Glory-icon.png Hauberk of Glory Banner of the Iron Crown-icon.png Banner of the Iron Crown