Quest Talk:Treachery in Esgaroth

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'<name>, I have received urgent missives from both the Queen Regent of Dale and the King Under the Mountain regarding the Weeping Warrior.

'In their own words, they delivered the same troubling tidings. If he has not returned to the Dale-lands himself, his agents must now work their ruin on his behalf. His Men of Mordor have gone to Esgaroth-of-old, and they to seek to unleash some new wickedness among the bones of Smaug.

'We believe that he seeks more of Smaug's bones for his supposed magics, but none of us know the truth of this matter. I ask that you go to Esgaroth-of-old and learn what plot Karazgar has devised for the peoples of the North.

'If you discover that Karazgar has returned to the Dale-lands, do not think to confront him alone! We have armies enough for a single Man, be he deathless or no.'

Objective 1

Esgaroth-of-old can be found to the east of Eryn Lasgalen on the banks of the Long Lake.

Thranduil has learned that Karazgar's agents have returned to Esgaroth-of-old, and he seeks to learn more of the Weeping Warrior's plot against the North.

'You spoke of a troubling vision, <name>, did you not? So Vethúg is not the Herald of Winter....
'Who is she? What evils could remain in this realm with the might to command Vethúg? The Enemy is defeated and Karazgar has fled! It must be that the Weeping Warrior seeks to spend the strength of Vethúg on Erebor to strike at the Herald of Winter. A dragon-tamer, hah! Karazgar is a coward!
'I will think on this matter, but I shall soon have need of you again, my friend. The fate of the North may depend on you!'