Quest Talk:The Search for Lalia

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For Reference

This is the old Bestowal dialogue:

Pardon me for asking, but have you seen my daughter Lalia about? I'm a bit worried about her. You see, she's been going on about "The Last Prince," one of Mr. Butterbur's tales. It's one of his better ones, that's for sure, but I'd say the tale isn't quite the truth of it.
The way Lalia was talking last night, I think she might have gone out to the Barrow-downs in search of this "prince" of hers. And with what folks are saying about that place, I think she could be in trouble. Would you look for her?
Now, in the tale, the Last Prince's barrow is between the Northern Barrows and the Dead Spire, by a large stone. I would start searching there. I would take some friends if I were you...those Barrow-downs are said to be haunted!