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For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue. It seems that the Lost Shade in Bree-town near the Hunting Lodge was part of the it with the quest being given by the Mayor (chain used to start with the quest Haunted Alley).

Listen well to my tale of woe. Long ago, my shield-brother and I swore to defend Arthedain against the Witch-realm of Angmar. But when battle came, we thought of our families and did not join the vanguard. The tide of war turned against us, and we were slain in the rout that followed. As oath-breakers, our shades lingered and fell under the sway of evil wights.
My wight-master was recently destroyed a Power, and your finding of the ring has helped me further. But to be truly free of the torments of this shadow-realm, I must see my shield-brother freed of his bonds as well.
Please, take this ring and search the mounds in the north of the Barrow-downs. I believe I can use the ring to guide thee.
At the behest of Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch|Graeme Tenderlarch, the Mayor of Bree, you investigated the rumour of a ghost in Bree...only to discover it was more than just a rumour.
==Objective 1==
The north entrance to the Barrow-downs is just south of the Great East Road, not far from Adso Haybank's camp.
The shade asked you to search for his shield-brother in the northern Barrow-downs. He told you he will try to guide you using the ring.
*Search for the shade's shield-brother.
==Objective 2==
Search the barrow and defeat any foes you find there.
With uncanny guidance, you found the barrow. But it doesn't look like it will be easy to gain entrance.
*Search the barrow and defeat any foes who confront you.
:Barrow-wight Slave says, 'Fool of a shade! My master the Bone Man has made a thrall of your shield-brother!'
:Barrow-wight Slave says, 'And you... a living fool soon to be dead... I will send you into the shadow world too!'
:Barrow-wight Slave says, 'So come to me now, fools... Come and die!'
==Objective 3==
The shade's alley lies near Bree's South-gate.
You should take the ring back to the shade in Bree and tell him of your encounter with the wight-slave and of the Bone Man. The shade will not likely appear in his alley except at night.
*Return the ring to the shade in Bree
:'Alas! The Bone Man! This is a name of dread amongst the lost and tormented shades of the Barrow-downs.'

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