Quest Talk:Quite a Pickle

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For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue from Wald Mugwort:

Oh dear, oh dear, I seem to have gotten myself into a pickle! Quite a pickle, indeed! I was such a fool thinking I could do this on my own, and now I am here all on my lonesome. Ah, but here you are, perhaps you can help!
Oh goodness, I seem to have rattled on a bit there. I've had such a scare, so my wits are in tatters. You see, I am a hobbit from Hobbiton and a member of the Inn League. I was seeking to complete the League's Challenge and thought it would be a grand adventure, like old Mad Baggins'! But it would seem all I've done is get myself surrounded by all manner of evil creatures. However, if I had a bit of a taste of home, I could regain my courage and make it safely away from here!
Could you bring me a bit of "Thistlebelly's Brew" from the Ivy Bush in Hobbiton? That should be all I need to set myself straight!'