Quest Talk:One Drink Too Many

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For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue from Alrek:

Ah, good day to you! At least I believe it is day...things are a bit blurry right now. There is only one you, right?
Have you had the misfortune to embark upon the Inn League's Challenge yet? I did and have travelled long and far. Along the way, I have tasted many a fine spirit, but...I think I have tasted one too many! And the worst of it is that I was just one drink short of completing the Challenge! The last drink I need to sample is called "Forsaken Ale," and it can only be found far to the east at an inn called "The Forsaken Inn." The brewer is Anlaf, the inn's proprietor.
It is much to ask of you, but could you bring me one of these Forsaken Ales? I would go myself, but...I am in no condition to ride right now!'